For free online schooling visit www.t019.co.za, in this platform you'll have access to web design/development studying materials, materials on software development, and on mobile apps development. Furthermore you'll get a live coding platform where you can code and run your code online. T019 will also offer courses on engineering, request for one on one, face to face basis tutorials, get a video that will tutor you on whatever topic you request for. Great educatinal platform t019 is.. SISONKE!

Creators' Network
Oh here is an exciting one.. An event that promises to give opportunities like no other, we taking job opportunities, business incubations opportunities, business partnerships opportunities, business and project collaborations opportunities. They'll be business pitchings where great prises will be won, competions with where the winners will win products and services that will further grow/enhance one's entrepreneurial journey. Present companies will be giving away freebies. And the best amounst the rest.. the event is for Creators, the movers, the doers, and you with get to network will all of them. Creators' Network, Namanje SISONKE!

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